Terms and conditions for registering Entrepreneurial Legal Entity

For a corporate law matter, a person interested in registration of the Entrepreneurial Legal Entity (registering company in Georgia)     should apply to territorial office of the National Agency of Public Registry, Public Service Hall and Authorized Persons of the Public Registry.

Registration is conducted according to the address reported by the interested person.

If the interested person is an owner of the real property at the pointed address, it is not required to submit an additional document for defining the legal address.

For the registration of the Individual Entrepreneur at the address indicated in the identity confirming document (as well as a temporary residence address of the IDP’s document) it is not mandatory to present the owner’s consent or the confirming document of use.

In other case, it is mandatory to submit a relevant document confirming rights to use the real property to the registration agency.

Documents to be submitted for registration:

  1. An application (filled in the electronic program by the document recipient operator);
  2. An identification document of the person concerned (ID card, passport, residence certificate, neutral ID card or neutral travel document);
  3. In case of the primary registration: signed by all partners and duly certified registration application (Charter/partners’ agreement); in case of amendment registration: decision made and confirmed by the authorized person/agency related to the required amendment, or a transaction drawn up by the authorized persons in accordance with rules provided by the Georgian legislation.
  4. Duly composed agreement of the owner of the real property or the document confirming rights to the real property of the interested person, drawn up in accordance with the legislation;
  5. A document of assignment of the authorized person for management and representation;
  6. A certificate of the fee payment for the registration service (within one work day – 100 GEL).

An accelerated service is also available. In this case price and terms of the service are as follows:

On the day of the application – 200 GEL.

Registration of change of the entrepreneur’s legal address is exempted from fee payment, if it is registered on the occupied territory defined by Georgian legislation. As well as registration of Entrepreneurial and Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entity’s payment ability, bankruptcy  and rehabilitation commence and termination, registration of the manager of trustee, bankruptcy and rehabilitation, amendments in the registered data of the bankruptcy or rehabilitation manager.

A registration period begins on the next day of submitting  of the application and ends on the last day of the term. If the last day of the term falls of a holiday or vacation days, the last day of the term is considered to be the following work day.

In case of accelerated service (on the day of submitting an application) the period starts upon the registration and ends when the day is over.

Additional information

If an interested person wishes to carry out registration not personally, but through a representative, a duly certified representation document and a copy of the representative’s identity document should be additionally submitted.

Apart from the foregoing documents, the National Agency of Public Registry may request in particular cases to submit any document/information required for making decision on registration.

In case if the interested person enquires the  extract in English, 20 GEL shall be added to the cost of service for the extract preparation.

Receiving of extract from the Registry of Entrepreneurial and Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entities is available on the website www.napr.gov.ge, in any territorial registration office of the Public Registry, Public Service Halls and from Authorized Persons of the Public Registry.

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