At Grand Solver, we offer a number of tax and accounting services to businesses in a variety of industries. We seek to meet each client’s unique needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

In a world of growing tax difficulties, it is very easy to pay extra taxes, there are often incorrectly completed tax documents, missed tax incentives and opportunities to make transactions.
Proper advice in accordance with tax law is essential to identify risks and potential for optimization at an early stage and address them through planning. To do this, you need a qualified tax consultant and auditor whom you trust and who understands you and your business.
There are plenty of tax opportunities and, at the same time, potential risks involved in doing business abroad. Grand Solver allows you to access cross-border advice and consultations for each country or area, providing the perfect answer to any question and ultimately maximizing economic benefits in the local or international market.
Grand Solver offers a wide range of tax compliance, tax planning and tax consulting services.
Our team of professionals shall assist you in receiving the international class level services effortlessly.
GS provides permanent trainings for accountants on changes and updates in tax legislation as well as in international standards.


• Launching of the business, planning and conducting the financial/tax or any other related activities
• Proper determination of the tax liabilities
• Informing legislative changes

GS’s team of professionals can help you get international-class services and, without any effort, easily perform proper accounting.


• Consulting on the matters of customs operations
• Inventory
• Monthly and annual declaration.
• Business accounting.
• Outsourcing accounting services remotely
• Outsourcing Accounting services at the company’s workplace
• Consulting on the accounting matters

• Valuation of the real estate
• Valuation of movable property
• Valuation of intangible assets
• Assessment business and business interests

• Preparation of complaint for the submission to the Dispute Board
• Representation in the Ministry of Finance and in Court as a plaintiff / defendant on behalf of the client