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In 1980, Yehia Elsayed Law Firm was founded in Egypt as law firm providing its clients full legal services including international advocating.

Has a worldwide network with many respected law firms and international lawyers.

With its good reputation, Yehia Elsayed Law Firm represents a lot of first-class corporations and clients, joint ventures, agencies and they also are the main-legal adviser to some Princes & princesses of Arab countries.  www.yehiaelsayedlawfirm.com 




John Hill Consult is a registered firm in Accra, Ghana that has the requisite experience in handling human resource management, administrative, customer service, accounting related tasks. Their passion is to partner and grow with new and growing enterprises seeking a foothold in their respective industries. https://john-hill-consult.business.site/




AM is famed as one of the biggest law firms in Armenia. The firm was founded in 2012 as a result of a merger of two prominent law firms which have been operating in the market for about 10 years. «AM» Law Firm provides services in all branches of law. The firm has a proficient team comprising of lawyers and experts with diversified educational backgrounds and experiences. Most of the lawyers hold licenses of advocate, whereas several of them superpose the work at the firm with lecturing at the most reputable universities in the country.  www.am.am




“Unilegal Consulting” Company is a consulting company offering services to the local and foreign legal entities, foreign businessmen planning to live and work in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Company’s purpose is to support the establishment of competitive companies, submit offers based on real conclusion, drive from one center   all kinds of services necessary for business formation and provide appropriate service to the individual wishes of their customers. Long-term experience they gained thanks to successful projects they have realized regarding the formation of companies operating in different areas helps their customers provide comprehensive business construction services. Their company has experience for representing the international and regional organizations. https://unilegal.az/en/index.html




Nobel CPAs which was established in 2015, is a professional organization providing services regarding tax consultancy, the consultancy regarding international taxation practices based on the double taxation treaties between countries, auditing, corporate finance services, accounting organization, establishing internal auditing systems, foreign capital regulation with its expert personnel to their customers with local and foreign capital operating at various sectors. https://www.nobel-cpa.com/




WiklundKurucuk Law Firm is a boutique law firm headquartered in Istanbul.

The foundations of their office were laid by Lawyer Mr. Murat Atım and Lawyer Mrs. Aysın Atım, as their family elders, in Istanbul in 1972.

Their office is one of the best examples of modern and innovative legal style with the harmonious combination of classical and traditional law understanding.

WiklundKurucuk Law Firm provides the local and foreign clients with any advocacy and legal advice services.

Since its establishment office has provided the local and foreign companies, real persons and organizations in the areas of legal expertise with any advocacy and legal consultancy services. http://www.wiklundkurucuk.com/index.html




CMP offers highest quality legal services in a modern and efficient approach in Romania. They are professionals with innovative ideas and considerable experience, which is reflected in the many areas of expertise they cover. CMP develop strategies that work because they truly understand the sectors in which they operate.  Their services include but ton limited the following areas: Business Law, Corporate and Organizational Law, Civil Law, Labour Law, European Funds, Legal Management. http://cmplaw.ro/en/




Sterngoff Audit LLC focuses on statutory audit in line with the Russian (HB I, Russian GAAP, RAS) and international (HB II, IFRS and HGB) standards, as well as consulting services, including legal and tax consulting, to subsidiaries of foreign corporations in Russia.

“The art to keep balance” – this is the slogan of Sterngoff Audit. Focus on growing your business in Russia. Entrust the solution of issues related to accounting and tax reporting, audit and consulting to a reliable partner who will support you in any situation and speak the same language with you. https://sterngoff.com/en/




THUKRAL LAW ASSOCIATES is a full-service law firm providing an extensive range of legal services to specially NRI’s on various law related issues. Their Offices are providing best and expert legal services to its Domestic as well as International Clients from more than thirty countries around the globe. The firm offers a full range of legal services through two main Law Offices located in New Delhi & Punjab.

TLA is the one from which you can seek holistic legal assistance on both civil and criminal matters. The amount of legal services that it is providing to its clients makes it one of the top law firms in Delhi. https://www.karanthukral.com/




ASGARI & ASSOCIATES is one of the top law firms in Iran, provides general counsel services to emerging and established corporations. They serve investors, professionals and businesses of all sizes that are seeking superior client service in Iran.

Their lawyers use their extensive regulatory and litigation experience to serve clients with their contracts and commercial transactions as well as complex litigation matters.

In addition, they work with other professional business advisors, so they understand and solve your accounting and tax issues. In fact, they try to assist you with your entire business from day-to day operations to long term planning. https://asgarilaw.com/

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