Obtaining a Work Residence Permit


Obtaining a work residence permit in Georgia is a very frequent inquiry for foreigners. 

Obtaining a work residence permit is one of the ways to legally reside in Georgia. A work residence permit is issued to an alien citizen for carrying out entrepreneurial or labor activities in Georgia. 

Here is an ultimate guide to obtain a work residence permit in Georgia. At first, a foreigner must apply to Ministry of Justice of Georgia – the House of Justice.

A foreigner must submit to the House of Justice:

  • Application of the template form;
  • Photo, dimension 3/4;
  • Copy of travel document – passport (no need for translation if data is available on Latin);
  • Copy of document, permitting legal stay;
  • Document confirming the labor or entrepreneurial activities in Georgia (Example: labor contract);
  • Certificate confirming that the necessary monthly income of the residential seeker is not less than five times the necessary level of the average consumer defined in Georgia;
  • Document issued by the Revenue Service confirming that the entrepreneur applying for a work residence permit has a necessary turnover;

The House of Justice shall make a decision within 30 days from the submission of application. 

Working residence permit has a maximum 6 years validity.

The number of accepted permissions grow rapidly each year, therefore it is the best time for anyone to apply for the residential permission.

That is why an experienced and result oriented persons are best for such matters and endeavors. 

Grand Solver team shall aid you in obtaining a work residence permit procedure. Will assist you in collecting the relevant documents needed for LEPL State Service Development Agency, and will represent you in the House of Justice.

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