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GS offers assistance with visa, permanent residency, temporary residency, work permits, advising on employment tax and social contributions.

• Assessing client’s documental assortment regarding the above mentioned issues.
• Representing the client in the relevant governmental body

By far our most standardized service to both foreign and domestic clients alike, our services in this area range from the registration of representative offices of foreign entities to the full incorporation of local vehicles. We also have an impressive track record in the registration of NGOs and non-profit organizations, matters which are governed by a distinct statutory regime. GS has a vast experience in corporate transactions.

GS helped to set up a large number of local companies, joint ventures, subsidiaries and representative offices with specific accent on tax, financial, management and regulatory ramifications.

GS has conducted number of comprehensive due diligence exercises of large and medium size companies and financial institutions and represented the buyers and sellers in the large number of corporate deals.

GS Law handles transactions involving entities from small start-ups to multinational giants, advising corporations on Mergers and Acquisitions, Bankruptcy & Liquidation, and Debt & Equity Transactions.

We understand the unique deal terms and issues that arise in the local and the regional contexts, and are able to effectively structure and execute transactions to meet your business needs.

Our services cover all corporate governance matters with respect to the formation, governance, and day-to-day legal problems of such entities.


• Ensuring of legal entities registration, merger, acquisition, separation, reorganization and compliance with Georgian regulations affecting the client’s particular industry
• Assistance in corporate structuring and complex commercial transactions
• Drafting commercial contracts with clients’ customers and suppliers

GS has a vast expertise in contracting different types of complex and multi-jurisdictional agreements, among other types of contracts, we offer: drafting and analyzing of labor, purchase, lease, sub-lease, rental, service, shipping, franchise, usufruct and other types of contracts.


• Advising the client in any contract related matter
• Drafting, amending, revising any type of contract
• Insuring the best interest and safest condition of the client

GS has advised numerous clients on the establishment of joint ventures with private and public sector counterparts, including advice on the selection of corporate vehicles, the drafting and negotiation of complex shareholder agreements and corporate charters.


• Advising clients on corporate management from the legal point of view
• Drafting of the charters and any type corporate documents of the company specifically fit for the client’s best needs

GS Law investment lawyers assist clients in every step of their projects, working with them to find the structure meeting their regulatory, strategic, marketing and operational constraints best.

We are by your side during the entire time, helping you to implement your new strategies or to use new assets in light of the regulatory constraints, supporting you as you negotiate the regulatory wave and making sure you are appropriately alerted each time the new regulation impacts your fund or business model.

It is important you rely on specialists who understand your ideas, views, objectives and issues. This complementary approach is unique in Georgia. Together we offer legal advice combined with true operational benefits and efficient regulatory solutions.


• Advice on structuring new funds
• Helping private equity firms negotiate the terms on which investors contribute their money
• Assistance with the preparation of partnership agreements

At GS Law we may assist with structuring private equity and venture capital investments, as well as bilateral and syndicated bank loans. We are fully conversant with all types of private and public debt and equity financings, including syndicated and bilateral loan market transactions, acquisition financings, limited-recourse financing, asset-backed structures and other off-balance sheet transactions.


• Assistance in structuring private equity and venture capital investments
• Advice on syndicated and bilateral loan market transactions
• Advice on registration of banking and financial institutions
• Legal due diligence of banking and financial institutions
• Assistance with contractual coverage
• Advice on regulatory compliance and securities activities

GS Law handles all stages and types of real estate transactions and investments. Our attorneys have an extensive experience with complex commercial property acquisitions, major construction and development projects, co-ownership arrangements and leases. Investors and real estate developers, joint ventures, limited liability companies and other investment vehicles rely on us to handle all relevant corporate, regulatory and tax issues involved in real estate transactions. We have acted in many transactions involving real estate firms and corporate entities with substantial real estate assets, effectively guiding them through the complexities of M&A transactions. Our attorneys are leading experts on complex aspects of land registration, leasing and privatization and have been actively involved in the design of Georgia new land legislation.


• Preparation of legal due diligence reports
• Comprehensive advice on transaction structuring
• Advice on real estate taxation regulations
• Drafting purchase, sale and lease agreements
• Assistance in managing tendering procedures

GS Law team provides high quality, professional tax advice across a wide range of transactions and situations. Our firm has an extensive experience in strategic tax planning and tax implementation issues associated with multijurisdictional, cross-border transactions. Our attorneys also counsel international investors regarding their investments in Georgian ventures and international investment funds, as well as tax treatment under Georgian laws and treaties. We provide an opportunity to add maximum value and to minimize the financial risks. The special knowledge of our lawyers on the latest developments and trends enables us to offer the most advantageous solutions for our clients.


• General tax planning for corporations
• Advice on tax qualifications and interpretations
• Advice on double taxation issues
• Advice on tax breaks and VAT regulations

GS Law’s governmental affairs practice is dedicated to helping clients engage directly with public authorities. With substantive legal experience and network in businesses and government in Eastern Europe and CIS countries, GS offers clients comprehensive and sound advice. Our governmental affairs practice team aims to minimize legal and regulatory risk exposure and maximize business opportunities. We believe, a strong government affairs strategy is key to any modern and successful business to foster internal and external goals.

We provide clients with solutions to legal and business issues based on our extensive experience and knowledge of legislation, legislative procedure, regulatory and policy matters. Our governmental affairs team is composed of experienced policy professionals and lawyers committed to representing our clients’ interests at the legislative and executive levels. Our team analyzes client problems and goals comprehensively and strategically and develops the most practical and effective solutions.


• Representation of clients through direct advocacy before executive and legislative branches;
• Tracking and targeting interest groups;
• Monitoring and tracking of policy issues;
• Development of public private partnerships;
• Conducting regulatory impact assessment;
• Drafting and implementation of regulatory compliance policy.

We assist with trademark and patent registration and have represented top global brands in claims over the infringement of intellectual property rights, copyright, product certification and related product liability matters.

GS Law attorneys understand the legal, business, and professional implications of entering and exiting employment and partnership agreements of all kinds. We have considerable experience negotiating contracts and agreements for our clients in a variety of employment and partnership contexts, and represent them when a party to a contract breaches, threatens to breach, or is accused of breaching an agreement.


• Advice on implications of amendments to the employment-related laws
• Drafting, review and amendment of employment contracts, handbooks and policy documentations
• Drafting memorandums to set out specific employment law regulations
• Ensuring compliance of clients with employment law requirements
• Advice on departures of key executives and other employees, including negotiating and drafting of related settlement agreements
• Advice on employee immigration issues
• Advice on employee personal data protection

GS’s legal support in the field of construction includes the preparation of construction contracts, the provisions of legal services necessary for the issuance of a construction permit by the relevant administrative body at all three stages of the construction permit, legalization of construction works, legalization of construction or construction of land Putting the part into operation and registering the red lines of the land plot for the condominium.

GS provides professional service in regards to AML/CTF for applicable legal entities, our partners have experience of working in the position of overseeing financial institutions as well as gambling industries, in particular: providing yearly and quarterly report to supervisor bodies (National Bank of Georgia and Financial Monitoring Services), as well as drafting/amending/compliance of integral policies, KYC and ETC.