How to Register a Company in Georgia

Here is a short guide on how to register a company in Georgia. 

The National Agency of Public Registry makes registration of Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurial Legal Entities.

The documents required for registration are:

  • Application ( filled in by the document receiving operator);
  • Identity document (s) of the interested person / persons;
  • LLC Charter / Partner Agreement;

The registration of an LLC is done according to the address stated by the person.

If the owner of the real estate at this address is a partner of the LLC, the submission of an additional document is not mandatory.

But in a contrary case, the person must obtain a consent like the owner of real estate or submit a document certifying the right of the partner to use the real estate in accordance with the rules established by law.

Because any company requires a director, the first the founding person must do is to obtain the consent of the nominated director.

Since the law mandates that every company has to have an e-mail address, the person must indicated the relevant and real e-mail address in the charter.

Person must sign a consent document in order to allow company to use the Georgian real estate, address for LLC.
Because of the above-mentioned, the owner will sign the consent document at the Agency

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