How to get a construction permit in Georgia (Guide)

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How to get a construction permit?

Often citizens want to get a construction permit, but they are not properly informed, which body they should apply to, what procedures are followed for issuing the permit, etc. Most citizens have no information that illegal construction will result in a fine, and its payment will put the offender in dire financial straits.

The issuance of a construction permit includes several stages, depending on which class of building is to be constructed.

As a general rule, you must apply to the local self-government body – the City Hall Architecture Service – for a building permit. Only the 5th grade construction permit is issued by the Technical and Construction Supervision Agency of the Agency for Economy and Sustainable Development.

To obtain a building permit, you must first submit an application for approval of the terms of use of the land for construction. The application must be accompanied by various documents including:

  • Topographic plan of the land plot,
  • Situational plan of the land plot,
  • Results of the research on the cultural heritage protection zone,
  • Archaeological research results,
  • Land cadastral plan,
  • Photo material reflecting the condition of the land plot, documents confirming the identification of the applicant.

In the second stage of the application, an architectural project, construction and / or technological scheme is agreed upon. The application must be accompanied by such documents as:

  • Administrative-legal act on the approval of the conditions of land use for construction
  • Copies of the applicant’s identification documents
  • Architectural project and more

After examining the mentioned documents, the construction body issues a construction permit, and in case of refusal to issue such a permit, the applicant has the right to appeal against the legality of the refusal (act).

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