Giorgi Patsatsia

Senior lawyer. Founding partner

In 2014, Giorgi graduated from Technical University of Georgia specialized in law and received a law degree. While studying for a Bachelor’s degree, Giorgi took part in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot held in Vienna. In 2016, Giorgi received his Master’s degree in Business Law at Ilia State University School of Law.

In 2013, Giorgi was a practicing lawyer at NNLE Tbiliselebis Advokati providing legal advice to citizens on administrative and civil law matters. During 2014-2017, he worked as a lawyer at the LEPL State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta under the Ministry of Defense and Delta International LLC. While working at Delta, Giorgi successfully completed a three-month course in International Law at the US Defense Institute in Newport City, Rhode Island, USA, where he mastered the basics of armed conflict and human rights law, military law, the legal aspects of combatting corruption and military law development. During the program, Giorgi was representing Georgia attending lectures, taking part in various events at the Pentagon, the United Nations Headquarters, the United States Court of Appeals and Constitutional Court.

In 2017-2018, Giorgi worked as a senior lawyer at Bayat Legal Services legal consulting company in Dubai, in the field of Immigration Law. In 2018-2019, he worked as a Specialist at the National Bank of Georgia, Money Laundering Inspection and Supervision Department. Since 2018, Giorgi has been member of the Georgian Bar Association in Civil and Administrative Law.

In October 2019, Giorgi joined Anagi construction company as a lawyer where he practiced as construction lawyer, while also assisting Anagi LLC’s holding group involving different sphere of business companies and providing full legal support (including but not limited to legal involvement in the mergers & acquisitions, drafting of minutes of meetings, company’s charters, litigation, drafting of different type of contract ETC.)