Georgia’s New Law on Entrepreneurs

Here is a short summary of new Law of Entrepreneurs enacted by Georgian government. 

The new Law of Georgia on Entrepreneurs came into force on January 1, 2022. 

The new law regulates the issues and procedures for the establishment and registration of entrepreneurial activities. 

In accordance with the new law, a unified electronic portal shall contain:

  • Agency  decisions on registration;
  • Documents related to registration proceedings;
  • Information published by the Public Entry in accordance with the law.

Entrepreneurs will be free to use a standard charters approved by the Minister of Justice of Georgia of November.

Under the new regulations, entities registered before January 1, 2022 have a 2 year deadline to redefine their registration data in accordance with the new law on entrepreneurs.  

Companies shall have the opportunity to apply to the National Agency of Public Registry within 2 years at their preferred time and make relevant changes.

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