Audit is one of the core areas of GS’s expertise. With our risk-oriented approach and as modern auditors, we offer you more than merely auditing the correctness of your accounts. We offer comprehensive, high-quality and forward-looking audit services.

At various stages of development of the company, every business is exposed to a certain amount of risk, Grand Solver provides audit and assurance services designed to identify, manage and respond to all types of risk. This is done by synthesizing many years of international and local experience.

Audit and assurance services aim to identify and minimize risks through financial control, analyze the reliability of the entity’s financial statements, and identify the accuracy of the data, enabling customers of these financial statements to draw accurate conclusions about business results, financial and property condition. The service includes verifying the reliability of accounting (financial) reporting, as well as evaluating the entity’s performance and developing policies and procedures necessary to continue its effective operations.

GS’s auditors have the latest information on the development of auditing standards, and their audit work is based on regulatory requirements in their respective jurisdictions.


• Preparation of the company’s financial audit for the reporting year
• Preparation of periodic audits of the company
• Periodic assistance and consulting to the company’s accounting and / or financial department
• Audit of financial statements
• Preparation of the financial statements for publication
• Establishing new business and / or financially / tax planning and conducting any related activities
• Proper identification of tax liabilities
• Informing about legislative changes/updates


• Consultations on tax issues
• Preparing and submitting the tax return to the relevant authority
• Payment optimization
• 24-hour service – service by telephone and e-mail, through which the client’s company consultant is fully consulted
• Monthly visit to the company to get acquainted with possible tax risks on the spot;
• Processing of specific tax cases and preparation of a written response with reference to the relevant norms of the law
• Tax analysis of contracts to be concluded (concluded) by the company and issuance of recommendations 
• Valuation of the real estate
• Valuation of movable property
• Valuation of intangible assets
• Assessment business and business interests

To express an opinion on whether the financial statements have been prepared in accordance with all relevant aspects of the financial statements, in order to enhance the confidence of the intended users of the financial statements.

Obtaining sufficient and relevant evidence to present its conclusion, which aims to increase the level of trust of consumers other than the responsible party in the information of the subject matter. Each persuasive transaction is classified according to two aspects: a substantiated defect transaction and a limited liability transaction